I made it exactly to the recipe (which I rarely do!) However, last week my craving was finally stronger than my fear of muddling the memory of it with something good but not shout-from-the-rooftops good and I tackled it again and it barely made it to the table for dinner because everyone around that day wanted to eat it straight from the pot, standing up. How funny that you would be so defensive of ‘chicken tikka masala’ which originated in Scotland. Combine chicken thighs with yogurt, half of garlic, ginger, and salt in a bowl and set aside for whatever time you’ve got — you can use them right away, in an hour, or up to a day. I know cherries are not in season, but you can use frozen ones or even canned cherries. I recommend getting the amchoor powder. Made this without the amchoor powder a few weeks ago, and again today, this time with the amchoor powder, both times it turned out wonderful, but I deffinitly like the extra flavor the amchoor adds. Thank you so much for my first try at Chicken Curry. However, this particular dish is made in many different ways all across the country. Wow. RE: curry… My hubby uses it to mean the dish has a sauce or gravy, rather than being dry. Sorry. This was fantastic, smitten kitchen does it again! (And yes, I know curry powder is a blend of the above but for some reason, I find it especially pungent. In the absence of amchoor powder we ended up using all the juice of 1 small lemon, to our surprise. Used dried chickpeas cooked in a pressure cooker, with husks on for added fibre. Help! I moved from Cincinnati 20 years ago and I still dream about it (and tell people about when I lived in a neighborhood where the Indian restaurant scented the air). Deb, I love your blog and have stolen a few wonderful recipes from you. Thank you Deb, this is the first time I’ve made an Indian dish, you made it seem easy enough and it was incredibly delicious! Do you find it doesn’t impart the spice flavor into the chicken well enough in the shorter marinade time? https://www.keyingredient.com/recipes/105082/chicken-tikka-masala-from-cooks-illustrated/. Ahhh – magic stuff! Smitten Kitchen has never let me down! Thank you for adding flavor, variety, and for-sure-to-turn-out-dishes to my family’s meal times. Sounds great. This is not chicken tikka masala nor a proper butter chicken. The heated left-overs worked deliciously for lunch today; I added about half a cup of thick coconut milk. It’s now a favorite with all our husbands and children too. I have an additional ingredient/variation you may want to try… I substitute the traditional ingredient of spinach in some variations with kale. The whole lime, minus the peel, that is. Delicious! Thanks so much for this great looking recipe. I wondered why the wretched things never broke up no matter how long they cook. Place in the freezer. I love when you make stuff that’s gluten free and vegetarian. I will definitely make it again! The cumin seeds were the perfect touch to really bring out an authentic taste. Thank you so much for transcribing the recipe! I added one orange and one white sweet potato for some veggies and served it with Jheera rice and peas which I also just learned how to make. Thanks for the recipe! namaste (can’t wait to make it for myself when i leave this land behind). You tagged this as “freezer friendly” and I’m wondering how to make that work (which step to freeze at, how to adjust cook time, or how to fully reheat)? One note about the amchoor, I’ve started using ground pomegranate seed instead — the flavor is subtle yet amazing, without the slight bitterness of amchoor. If using chicken breast, marinate it for at least an hour, then preceded to cook with it, breast in general cooks faster, and does not do well in stews and curries, esp if the tang of the tomato is nor cooked out, These should allow for not ending with dry stringy chicken, Don’t use brats breast if you intend to save for the next day, it does not reheat well. I cook A LOT of Indian food and have several very awesome Indian cookbooks and this is still probably my all time favorite chickpea recipe. But also I jumped over to lovely Chetna’s YouTube channel (thanks Deb for introducing me to that gem of a channel) to watch her make it. I have never cooked Indian food before but am an addict. Great flavor. As other’s suggest, be sure to cook the tomato/spice mixture until oil starts to separate. So in case you were wondering: Freezes well! I know from all of the comments I am missing something really good. It’s really great to see that some of you guys have mastered the art of cooking channa masala and have still kept the taste from it’s Indian ingredients. Will post some version on my blog soon. I just wanted to thank you for this super easy recipe, we love Indian food so being able to make quasi Indian food at home is great! I actually have found that restaurant Chana Masala has a bit of sweetness that I can’t seem to find in any of the MANY recipes I’ve tried. Your recipe was delicious! Someone, i believe craig on line 276-ish asked how long this will keep for in the refrigerator. There were only 3 of us eating tonight, so I am using my food saver to keep leftovers for another small meal. Thanks for the tips, I’m so cutting back on the cayenne next time. Thank you! Thank you, Deb! B. i have loved your recipes for years and have made 100’s of them, but i love you even more now that i know you have a GBBO obsession, as i do as well! I added about a ¼ cup of greek yogurt at the end to make it creamier (it needed a bit more salt after that) and it was perfect. So many people are afraid of Indian cooking because of the spices and they think they can make a dish with less spices. Had I not fiddled with this recipe, it would have looked nothing like Deb’s photo. Is that different from something like a jalapeño? Made this last night. A mild one, even. Finally a use for that amchoor powder that I couldn’t resist on my excursion to the Indian grocery store. OK, so I made the leftovers today (one day later) and added another dose of spices and a few squeezes from a tube of tomato paste (and some fresh cilantro by the way). The spaghetti squash worked perfectly and with the addition of some fresh Naan this was the best at home Indian meal I have ever made. Just cooked this exactly as written and have to say, I wish I had used a tad less amchoor powder because it’s SOO sour! A power user tip is to add some tea leaves (any normal tea leaf, such as Ceylon, orange pekoe, whatever) and some dried “amla” (Indian gooseberry – available at any ethnic Indian store) in a little cheesecloth pouch and put it in the pot while boiling the soaked chickpeas. will definitely make again and check out your other indian recipes. I had never realized that sour was the key! I can understand the confusion but EACH culture has their own curry. I know it consists of yogurt, cilantro, jalapeno (maybe other stuff too) and it is delicious. I have used 2% and whole yogurt and have yet to have it separate – it may look grainy at first but it was fine. And while I’m on the topic, does anyone have a good chicken tikka masala recipe without cream (or at least without the entire cup of heavy cream I seem to always find on google searches)? I added some baby spinach because i thought it was begging more more color. C. oh and i love your writing as much as (sometimes more than!?) There are so many different kinds of hot and green peppers. Makes a great dish with lasagna noodles when it’s not Passover. So, what did I do wrong and how do I avoid inadvertently murdering my roommates in the future? I absolutely adore Chetna and have been a YouTube subscriber of hers for a couple of years now. A gentle correction would have been more than sufficient here, as they’ve already been shared. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Thanks – this will be dinner tomorrow night. Next time i’m doubling the recipe so there arent fights over who gets to take it for lunch the next day. Would love to hear other vegetarian takes. So I add this chana masala to the menu last minute, and it was a hit! This was ah-mazing. This was amazing! Your chana masala dish is something to write home about, but I confess that I made the following changes. I tested your reciped (which was very similar to the indian auntie I lived with) but have one suggestion– try pureeing about 1/4 of the chana to add at the end, much thicker and easier to eat with your kulcha! of yogurt or cream to mellow it out. Many thanks to my Canadian colleague for recommending your site, you have a new fan in London. Thanks for the recipe. I hope you cover a Paneer dish soon. Try “Savoring the Spice Coast of India” by Maya Kaimal. As an Indian Canadian I think it’s important to get the naming right! I am making this for the second time. Thanks for diligently transcribing and no matter what it’s called, it looks delicious! Very happy to have this as an option. Thanks! I didn’t have amchoor powder either, and actually couldn’t even find garam masala at the grocery store, so I’m looking forward to getting to an Indian grocery store asap! Then add the garlic and ginger for another 2-3 minutes. Two types of cumin are not an error. – added just a touch of sugar at the end (~1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon) to combat acidity of tomatoes. It’s longer and slimmer than plain long-grain rice, and has a distinct and prized aroma. Traditional chicken tikka masala is made by first marinating the chicken in yoghurt, ginger, garlic, garam masala, cayenne, grilled. I just made this recipe exactly as written – I love chicken tikka masala! I am so glad to finally have the recipe. I just made this for dinner, and I am IN LOVE. I will try that next time. Yes! This minor addition adds an incredible amount of flavor and texture to an already awesome dish (this is how they serve it at my local Indian restuarant and for good reason). When I made this I used 2% Fage yogurt and my sauce wasn’t very smooth. In short it was delicious. Chicken tikka is made with chicken tikka – chunks of tandoori‘ed chicken, usually white meat, mixed into a prepared sauce. can’t wait to eat the leftovers for dinner tonight. DH #1 was a Scots who really introduced me to Indian good and used to cook on the regular—I still have his recipes for Rogan josh, Dahl, shrimp curry, and chicken biriyani. Was at an Indian wedding the weekend prior, and was craving something with that spice profile–your recipe was perfectly-timed. You should try making Punjabi chole next–they are flavored with black tea, which sounds weird but they are amazing! I will definitely make it again. I was looking to try another chicken tikka recipe to cook with my friends this week and you had the best timing in posting this today! A life without spice is a bland life. You can buy it in 10-lb bags from an Indian market (look for a burlap bag with a zip on top) for not too much $$. @ Adam: Even Indians don’t have access to tandoors in their homes these days! Eat up or put a lid on it and reheat it when needed. Thank you for these~ my family loves them! (And to prevent the masala sticking to the bottom of the pan, you can add a bit of water as needed.) Notes: Delicious! Hip hip hooray for new spices to add to the collection! But yeah, the amchoor powder would intimidate me a bit. Seven years ago: Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls I am really surprised by the vitriolic comments left by my fellow country-men/women, all for a recipe that clearly cites the source and makes ABSOLUTELY NO claims of authenticity. Unquestionably the best chana masala I have ever made, a hint of sour transforms the whole dish. Yes, although I haven’t tested the time range. I made this exactly as written and it was delicious! They’re done when they’ve got dark-golden spots on them. His favorite dish is chana masala, but I haven’t found a good recipe for it yet. Used coconut milk, and it worked beautifully. Long and slow with lots of stirring is key. If I do this again, I would reduce the amount of water added, and increase the spice. This was my first attempt at cooking Indian food despite years of loving to eat it. Sometimes I throw in some cauliflower just to make it go a little further. Whenever I add the chicken covered in the yogurt marinade, the gravy becomes grainy, like the yogurt has separated. It freezes quite well, even with the dairy in it. DH#1 also learned to cook a lot of Indian growing up, so I was exposed to a lot during the 10 yrs of our marriage, at a variety of spice levels. I added it and it was perfect. I made ahead and warmed on the stove, turned out great! Try it! Nah, who needs that noise. hi there – the recipe looks great – especially for someone that avoids Asian dishes because of an allergy to cumin! Sorry if I’m repeating advice…had to comment and don’t have the time to scroll at work. Amchur is a good sour note to include in northern Indian recipes. i will use dried beans next time as it’s so hard to rinse away that oddly sour canned chickpea taste. Thank you! I love SK in general but this is definitely going in rotation. I’ve got everything but the chicken in the house. This is a compromise between the two. I’ve looked for an indian cooking class. Would it alter the taste too much to change the cumin seeds to just ground cumin? I cooked it exactly as long as you suggested and as a result my chicken was tender and perfectly cooked without it getting to that tough stringy stage. breathingmylife — I had considered doing it exactly that way. I will check that book, I’m looking for a serious curry book. Repeat. But I thought curry was a spice and I don’t see that spice in the ingredient list. I have an archive of Indian recipes I make several times a year, that I crave like clockwork as soon as we hit a cold snap and never disappoint, a cabinet full of robust rust and mustard-colored powders and seeds and yet I let someone else put lackluster chana masala in our bellies. We’ll do that next time. Chetna has a bunch of excellent vegetarian meals on her channel including a really nice butter paneer. I’m sure I’ll be able to find it there. I learned all my indian cooking from my mom and have started to make new recipes out of stuff she taught me and our taste. Once hot add onions and cumin seeds, cook 5 minutes, until browned at edges. Is it better to use one or the other or does it not really matter? :). Delicious! I have another tomato question for you. I’m so glad to see you trying Indian food! I suggest you get whole tamarind and soak and grind your paste at home because the store bought ones I found in the US are really too sweet and gooey. This is silly. It was so good! I prefer it without the water added. They’re sitting in the fridge, begging to be made into hummus. 1 tablespoon ginger; ground I made this last night, with a couple of changes. It worked perfectly and gave the dish even more differing textures. yummy recipe! I trust you on this one, so I’ll give it a go before too long. She said that either whole or crushed are preferable, for this reason. Turns out chana masala is their favorite and they order it often at their local Indian restaurant. or just leave it out? Particularly appreciated the nuanced instructions (with each addition, a designated number of minutes), which seemed important for building the flavor base. Spices add flavor, color and zest to foods. I made this and it turned out amazing! To be honest, the turmeric, ginger, corriander and garlic are the prominent flavours here. That gave it a sour tang. I used your spices and a cooking technique from another site and put the two together. Would it work just as well to use 4 tsp. Cant wait to try out your other recipes. So unhealthy but amazing. https://www.aspicyperspective.com/best-thai-panang-chicken-curry/, Thanks for this Deb. 2 medium onions, minced The one thing I changed was using an immersion blender to puree the sauce a bit, because I’m cooking for children. A few lessons learned (for me). I’d totally try it again if I could find a way to get a smoother texture in the sauce. The result: the best Indian style curry I can remember making! This looks delicious, it will be supper tonight. In Indian restaurants, I always order chicken tikka masala because the chicken, cooked in the tandoori, has a lot of taste before it’s cooked with the sauce. Yum! Instead of grilling, I read on another recipe to brown the bottom in a cast iron skillet, then move them under the broiler to finish. I always add fresh corriander to garnish this dish gives lots of flavour and tastes good. The sauce was a little too soupy, so next time I may only add 1/3 c water instead of a half cup. Sub in kidney beans instead of chickpeas for example. But actual coconut milk would probably spilt if its thick coconut milk. Yes, I’m a wuss, but “intensely spiced” is an understatement! I usually make a lot of Indian food during the winter and so my “tamarind water” is always ready to go. Love seeing the photo updates – keep them coming! YUM, I can’t wait to try this. (And my husband thanks you too, he has been eating spoonfuls out of the pot all day….). Thanks! Followed your directions, including substituting lemon juice for amchoor powder. Channa Masala!! I did use dried garlic (2 tsp) because I was out of fresh, but it worked just fine for me. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you should pile the leftovers onto a tray of chips or fried pita or whatever, scatter some chickpeas, throw some cilantro on top with more yogurt and lime and now you’re having Indian nachos for dinner. chicken rotation. We have amchur powder at home, but we usually use it only for pickling (cauliflower, carrots, cabbage, chili peppers, dill, celery leaves and garlic + amchur and salt in water for a few days to a week = spicy salty soury yum). I made this with chicken breasts and I would definitely recommend checking on it early. I adapted this for a slow cooker by cooking the onion and spices as directed (I know those spices gotta get all happy and toasty together!) The best recipe ever!! your recipes never disappoint, so i can’t wait to try this recipe, deb! Excellent recipe! 1/2 lemon (juiced) (see note; I used a whole lemon to swap for the amchoor powder). Glad I posted. I have had the same exact problem for years now. As someone from a culture that gets that done to it an awful lot, it always rubs me the wrong way. Chicken tikka is essentially pieces of boneless chicken marinated in curd and spices and baked in an oven or over a fire. Finally, I threw in a chicken back and wing tips that I had been saving in the freezer for stock in hopes of enriching the sauce – I think it might have helped? Rest. I’m actually eating it for an early lunch right now- very very good. And get back to the GBBO! It was really good with dinner last night, so i planned on keeping the recipe around. It’s really hard to find good Indian food around here. I was just going to say that the sour note was likely amchar (green mango powder), but you beat me to it! Wouldn’t it add more spice flavoring to the gravy once the chicken pieces are added? By the way, I made your Indian spiced potatoes and cauliflower (for, like, the third or fourth time) just the other night. Hi! My kids were in the backseat and I kept saying “shh! 9 years after the question was posted,here’s a possible substitute for the tomato. I actually took 1/2 the finished recipe and put it in an emersion blender and added it back to the pan. The reasoning behind it is very simple: canned tomatoes are hard to find. This is definitely an Indian chicken curry. I loved Chetna. (sprinkle a little chaat masala and a dash of amcoor onto a sliced banana! Now you’ve inspired me to start seeking out a good source for Indian spices. The Natural Grocer by me sells bulk spices in little baggies for a fraction of the cost of jarred spices. I am Pakistani and I do appreciate that people were vocal in correcting Deb whose site I truly enjoy. I am now extra soupy glad that you posted this. I only recently started watching GGBO on Netflix (I adore Mel, Sue, and Mary!) (Pulp and juice.) I did! It’s quite difficult to keep the sauce I split. Hers is too, of course, but I couldn’t remember it. If you add a bit of cilantro at the end, it really rounds out the flavours, freshening and brightening them even more. My husband and I loved it! I used dried cumin and made my own garam masala. I guess any sour liquid would work with the strong flavors of the spice mix. Don’t add the yogurt marinade to the curry, finish the dish with a generous swirl of heavy cream. Hi Deb: Made this yesterday afternoon for lunch, and absolutely loved it. I often get disappointed. Just making sure. This is a great recipe. Also, have you tried the Indian grocery on 1st between 5th and 6th for amchoor? So glad I read this comment. The best part was visiting the Indian shops in the market for the amchoor powder. I’ve always struggled with making “restaurant good” Indian dishes and this is definitely a winner! I added Tamarind paste, too, and no mango powder. It was a bit spicy, but delish. thank you for this recipe, i plan to try it on the weekend when i have time to assemble all the spices! It looks incredibly tempting (or, as Mary Berry might say, “inviting”), but coconut milk makes it kosher-friendly. Oct 14, 2019 - [Note: This dish was previously, incorrectly called “Chicken Tikka Masala.”] In February, I fell into an I Miss GBBO rabbit hole (my interest waned when Mel, Sue and Mary Berry left, al… I am writing to thank you for a DELICIOUS recipe by any name. I know that you mention sour right in the description, so it’s my bad, but just wanted to warn others who may not want it quite so strong to use a little less at first and then amp it up later. Nine years ago: Mushroom Lasagna To say this was phenomenal would be a gross understatement. It yielded… more than 4 cups. Guess what? By the time our instant pot cooked the rice and I put together a bagged salad, it all timed out perfectly. It isn’t quite as sour as “real” tamarind but you can add it to taste once the dish is cooked. You can find videos of people cooking goshtaba on YouTube to see this. I like having what feels like fresh veggies on top of the tomato onion sauce. Puree are often too smooth. Regardless, this was incredibly delicious and I think it will freeze well so next time I’m making a double batch. It was a bit too spicy for me; wondering if you think omitting the pepper next time will be okay, or if the pepper gives the dish flavor in addition to spice. While cooking the soaked chickpeas, add half a teaspoon of grated ginger, a tiny bit of minced green chillies and a bit of salt. Would you have a guess as to how many times I should multiply this recipe to feed 200ish people? I can handle some spice but not way too much. I would appreciate any thoughts on this. If I were to substitute 1/2t sour salt for the 1/2t salt in this recipe do you think that would give me the appropriate level of sourness without using amchoor? though i wish i’d thought of the tamarind sitting just under my nose. My husband will love this one! The first time my mom and sis ever experienced Indian inspired food and they were IMPRESSED. Chetna’s other recipes, including her “best vegetable curry,” are really excellent. Your email address will not be published. Loved this recipe. We always double it, because the leftovers might be even better. Any tips? (I do smaller beans in 3 hour or less.) See more ideas about Smitten kitchen, Yummy drinks, Recipes. Search by ingredient, diet, allergy, dish, or holiday. If you add it before that, your sauce base is not as well cooked as you need. Unfortunately the closest acceptable Indian restaurant is an hour away. I loved the beginning of The Namesake (movie) when the mother misses street chaat and tries to make it from rice krispies, hot sauces and a few other weird ingredients at home.

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