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A Service-Oriented Fraternity of Marine Corps Aviation Logisticians

News Flash!

Marines, Family and Friends,

It is with great pleasure and honor that the board announces those deserving individuals who have each been awarded a portion of the 2023 Capt Pete Freeman Scholarship Fund. This year, once again, due to our generous members and corporate sponsors we are able to award $30,000 between 22 applicants.

Thank you to the families of these students for supporting them and encouraging them to apply.

Congratulations and thank you to the students for your hard work and dedication in furthering your education with the desire to make a better life for yourselves and those around you!

Calbough, Ania

Calbough, Anthony J.

Carney, Hannah

Chipman, Tyler

Consford, Syenna

Goulette Jensen

Goulette, Meghan

Hamilton , William Tyler

Harper, Becky

Hennessy, Paige

Johnson, Reece

Kirby, Caroline

MacLaird, Noelle

McGee, Victoria

Payton, Robin

Reeves, Debreaunah

Seigh, Ariana

Smith, Zakery

Smith, Zaria

Takahashi, Mia

VanMeter, Taylor

Whiddon , Meagan

Pack your bags! Head to Myrtle Beach next March 14-17 2024 for the annual MCAA Don Davis AVLOG Squadron reunion!  This years venue will be at the beautiful and recently renovated Embassy Suites Myrtle Beach Ocean Front Resort.  Room rates are $195/night + $20 Resort fee but the staff has provided perks unrivaled along the waterfront to include free prepared breakfast every day, managers evening specials. Also, the Squadron will be getting financial specials that we’ve never had before. Fine dining is within walking distance of your room and the amenities ensure you never have to leave the property.  There will be day outings (golf, beer tastings, etc.)  announced at a later date.  Visit the website: to see why we’re excited to have you there.

Please consider serving the Davis Squadron by serving as an officer!


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Greetings Davis Squadron,

We just reported the results from our Pete Freeman Scholarship session. See the broadcast email from our Treasurer and Communications Officer update on this site. Under the guidance of the XO, and support from our Treasurer, Cols Kraft, Gillan, and Franklin, and MGySgt McCutcheon have been hitting it hard all summer, reviewing over twenty applicant submissions. Their efforts were nothing short of exceptional and we thank them for their diligence.

Last July, we disclosed our financial status to our Board of Directors and to MCAA National. BLUF: The Davis Squadron remains quite healthy and solvent, thanks, largely to our generous members and corporate sponsors. We aspire to be good stewards of our sponsor and members’ remitted donations and administration fees. We intend to continue that while seeking new ways to contribute to the benefit of our members, our Aviation Logistics Community of Interest, and the mission of the Marine Corps Aviation Association.

We are in the planning phases for our 2024 reunion in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Rob (CommO), together with Brent (Adjutant) and Gale (Treasurer) finished the reconnaissance of suitable venues. As previously reported, we’ll be gathering at the Hilton’s Embassy Suites from 14-17 March 2024. Details covering the schedule, events and cost will be forthcoming in our reunion package. Details will also be available in our October AVLOG Sentinel newsletter.

Additionally, I wanted to thank all who stepped up at our last reunion. As is typical with all Marines and spouses/partners, we just took charge. Hopefully, that’ll continue in Myrtle Beach. The officers and board cannot do it all. If you’re willing to lend a hand with registration, the silent auction, raffle, and banquet setup, please indicate that in your reunion packet submission.

Sponsors are the lifeblood of our squadron. If you are aware of, or part of any corporation or business that might willing to be part of our tremendous efforts, let us know. We have brochures and sponsor request documentation that can assist in any solicitation you may be making.

Nuff said! Our efforts going forward are squarely focused on issuing checks to 22 Freeman Scholarship Program recipients and piecing together the 2024 Davis Squadron reunion. Thank you to our officers who hit the ground running and continue to do great things for our community. Again, I thank each one of you. Remember, this is your organization. We need a full team to maintain our tremendous momentum.

SF, Klutch

Kevin McCutcheon

Colonel, Marines (Retired)

CO, Davis Squadron