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Aviation Supply Marines

For 25 years we were known as the “Aviation Supply Marines.” Organized primarily as a social group, our yearly reunions were organized and sponsored primarily by retired and active duty Aviation Supply Marines.  Since we are inextricably linked to our Maintenance community brothers and sisters, it naturally followed that we expand our membership to them.  At our business meeting at the 2002 reunion it was unanimously voted to change our name to “Aviation Logistics Marines or ALM.”  

In 2014, a recommendation was made to have our ALM group be established as a Marine Corps Aviation Association (MCAA) Squadron.


  • Formalizing ALM as more recognizable social-professional organization

  • Broadening participation and membership in ALM and associated planned activities

  • Broaden affiliations with Marine aviation active-duty and ALM Community of Interest (COI) constituents

  • Consideration to pursue COI sponsors to support various ALM functions and objectives

In October 2015 our application for MCAA Squadron status was approved and By Laws were established

Marine Corps Avaition Association (MCAA)

The Marine Corps Aviation Association (MCAA) recognizes professional excellence in Marine aviation through education, activities, media, events and its renowned awards program. MCAA has the largest aviation-based award program in the country. Headquartered in Quantico, Virginia, MCAA continues the mission of its founding fathers to link the past, present and future of Marine aviation.