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Peter Freeman Memorial Scholarship


For over 29 years Captain Pete Freeman was the heart and soul of the initial Reunion called the Retired Aviation Supply Marines (RASM). Captain Freeman was always an advocate, and encouraged the Reunion to encompass all Aviation Logisticians. Subsequently, his wishes became a reality, and the Reunion name and purpose were changed to Aviation Logistics Marines. This Scholarship has been established in his name as a continuing reminder of the legacy of Aviation Logistics. The organization is now a Marine Corps Aviation Association member as the Don E. Davis Squadron. This scholarship is available to all dependents (Wife, Husband, Children), or Grandchildren, of Aviation Logisticians (Aircraft Maintenance, Aviation Ordnance, Avionics, or Aviation Supply), who are active duty, reserve, retired, or former Marines.

We are looking for a Few Outstanding Students out there in our community that has earned, through hard work, to be rewarded for their efforts. So take advantage of a Great Opportunity and allow the Don Davis Squadron to help someone obtain a good education!

2023 Pete Freeman Scholarship Program RECIPIENTS

It is with great pleasure and honor that the board announces those deserving individuals who have each been awarded a portion of the 2023 Capt Pete Freeman Scholarship Fund. This year, once again, due to our generous members and corporate sponsors we are able to award $30,000 between 22 applicants.

Thank you to the families of these students for supporting them and encouraging them to apply.

Congratulations and thank you to the students for your hard work and dedication in furthering your education with the desire to make a better life for yourselves and those around you!

Calbough, Ania

Calbough, Anthony J.

Carney, Hannah

Chipman, Tyler

Consford, Syenna

Goulette Jensen

Goulette, Meghan

Hamilton , William Tyler

Harper, Becky

Hennessy, Paige

Johnson, Reece

Kirby, Caroline

MacLaird, Noelle

McGee, Victoria

Payton, Robin

Reeves, Debreaunah

Seigh, Ariana

Smith, Zakery

Smith, Zaria

Takahashi, Mia

VanMeter, Taylor

Whiddon , Meagan

Electronic Application submissions will be accepted from 14 June 2023 until 28 July 2023 email application to:

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Criteria for Applications

A.  Name: (Last, First and M.I.)

B.  Age:

C.  Sex:

D.  Address: (Street/PO Box, City, State, Zip Code)

E.  Major or Skill to be studied:

F.   Sponsor’s Name, Relationship, Phone# and/or e-mail:

G.  Provide a certified copy of grades transcript by high school, community college or college/university

H.  Provide SAT/ACT score results, grade point average and class standing (high school graduates)

I.  Provide confirmation of credit hours enrolled in a selected community college or college/university

J.  Provide an essay of 150 words or less which includes:

1. Why you have chosen your selected profession

2. Your plans for the future

3. Why you should receive this scholarship

NOTE: Scholarship applications will be treated as privileged information. The ALM maintains a policy of non-discrimination; therefore, the scholarship will be awarded without regard to Rank, Race, Color, Religion, Age, Sex, or Handicap.


We would like to thank the following for sending us their generous donations for the Pete Freeman Scholarship Foundation and ALM Administrative costs.






Please send all donations to:

MCAA Donald E Davis Squadron

P.O. Box 22

Chatham, MI 49816

Indicate Scholarship or Admin on your check.