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Don E Davis Squadron

Marine Corps Aviation Association

The 2021 Pete Freeman Scholarship Recipients

Capt Pete Freeman Scholarship Foundation has continued to grow and, again, was a great success.  We awarded 21 scholarships this year. 

Our board was comprised of 5 members, including the XO, who only reviewed recommendations, de-conflicted any concerns and calculated the average ranking provided by board members.  Board inputs were quite consistent. We’ll again look to stabilize this board for the next cycle in 2022.

Selections were made base on the timeliness, compliance, quality and content of applications submitted

We awarded $10,000 of $10,000 made available.

The above underscore importance of communicating this great foundation to our eligible members

Robin PaytonGina Payton
Meghan GouletteRyan Goulette
Curtiss OakleyJonathon Oakley
Zoe LyonsAnthony Lyons
Wyatt BennettRobert Bennett
Alexandra FlatauRichard Flatau
Natalie LafontantRoosevelt LaFontant
Viktoria AlstonConrad Alston
Jensen GouletteRyan Goulette
Tyler ChipmanDon Chipman
Allison HughesKelton Wilson
Paige FlatauRichard Flatau
Caroline DriverTimothy Driver
Hunter ChipmanDon Chipman
Jeremy McCutcheonRobert McCutcheon
Anthony CalboughJames Calbough
Isabell SlackBill Slack
Victoria McGeeRalph Hudson
Karalyn StitcherMichael Stitcher

Send applications to

Any application that is received after 25 July 2021 or does not contain ALL of the requirements listed above will NOT be considered

We would like to thank the following for sending us their generous donations for the Pete Freeman Scholarship Foundation and ALM Administrative costs.